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New NS Toolbar...same old story!


Updated to the latest NS NTB & FF 33 and the issues described here:  https://community.norton.com/forums/norton-toolbar-20150076

are exactly the same.

Now what??

Please fix, it becomes very annoying...

I have again to disable Norton Toolbar in order to get FF 33 working properly.

A reply from Symantec is expected.




Re: New NS Toolbar...same old story!

Thank you for posting Apostolos-

The issue you reported earlier is still known and getting team attention for consideration in a future release.


Matt Powers

Symantec Corp.

Accepted Solution
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Re: New NS Toolbar...same old story!


I do not know if the latest NTB 2015.1.0.24 was also released to address the FF 33 issue but since upgrading to NS the problem with NS NTB is gone!

I'll report back if any problems arise.

Thank you!



Re: New NS Toolbar...same old story!

Hello again,

Although the issue I reported in this topic, is fixed, (mouse hovering etc), I'd like to bring some observations to the attention of Symantec NTB Team.

The latest NTB has an unpredictible hehavior with FF 33.

Before I continue, I must say that installation issues of FF on my XP system can be safely excluded, already tried overinstallation and also clean installation of FF (registry included).

When NTB is enabled, on several occasions when opening a new tab, or opening "Manage your add-ons" button or combination of those, cause FF to freeze, no error messages when FF closes. (just FF is not responding, prompting user to End Now.)

Same thing when I open Firefox report, close it and then attempt to open the "Open Menu" button, FF freezes as well.

All the above, are not observed when NTB is disabled, I can use extensively any FF button, it's always, and I mean always, responsive not a single freeze.

Also, I tend to believe that it could be also XP related.

Anyway, if you could test this behavior in your labs and report if you can reproduce any of the issues I described, it would be very kind of you.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Re: New NS Toolbar...same old story!

Also, the same old FF issues with dropdowns working for only a short time and then going tangu uniform and not allowing choices for multiple logins.  This issue has been ongoing for almost a year and cannot understand why Norton cannot get the dropdowns to work for more than 30 minutes or so requiring a restart of FF which solves the issue for another 30 minutes or so and then no workee!!

Seems this has been on Norton's radar for almost a year without any solution.  Have talked via phone and e-mail and chat with a senior Norton Manager probably 6 months ago who could not solve the problem and said it is in work.  Just how much longer before a solution to this long standing issue.

A response from Symantic is expected.


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