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New to Premier

I purchased this product yesturday, and am not able to see any time logged, any websites since 0700 this morning, and I am sure there have been sites visited, including a youtube video that is not showing up. 

The time says unable to retrieve activities, does not show a total of time on the computer. 

Okay, weird, now the videos from the 18th just showed up, but nothing since then, but I know there was a video watched today and it is not showing up. 

I am really confused.  Is this supposed to be something I can see any time, in real time?  Why can't I see anything from today, but can see from days ago, but we didn't have this until last night?



Re: New to Premier

Hi lenielynn,

If you log onto the PC as a monitored child and visit a blocked website, do you get blocked?



Thanks Katie

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