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New Update to Norton Family

Hello Norton Family Parents,    We've completed our maintenance period and the service is back online with Norton Family (formerly known as Norton Online Family).  Our maintenance period took longer than our original plans and announcements, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.    The maintenance period was needed to launch a new update to Norton Family, which we're excited to share with you.  A few things to note about this release:
  • Norton Safety Minder and Norton Online Family are now Norton Family:  Based on feedback from the Norton Family community, we've renamed Norton Safety Minder (the software clients used to monitor and enforce House Rules on your child's PC, Mac or Android device) to Norton Family.  You'll see our new name on the web portal, the PC, Mac, Android and iOS software clients that are available for download.
  • Update all your Norton Safety Minder clients for the PC, Mac and Android:  We've migrated to a new service platform for improved performance.  To ensure compatibility and that the devices monitored always stay in sync with the Norton Family service, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to our latest Norton Family client on every PC, Mac, and Android device your children use.  The windows and Mac versions will be available for download after you've logged into the Norton Family portal. You can also get the latest mobile clients through here
  • Activity History:  We upgraded to a new database and are in the process of migrating all the activity logs. Initially, all older activity history will not be viewable through the Norton Family portal, Norton Family Android and iOs apps.  The activity history logs are not gone and will be visible again shortly. 
  • New Norton Family for Android app:  Based on your feedback, we've combined Norton Online Family for Android and Norton Safety Minder into one app. That means no more trying to figure out which app to install on your Android device and your child's Android device! With this combined app, there are two experiences — one for parents called "parent mode" and another for your child called "child mode".  
    • In "parent mode", the app lets you access your Norton Family service and change monitoring settings, turn features on/off and view your children's online activities without having to open a web browser and logging into the Norton Family portal. In "child mode", the app enables Norton Family to monitor what websites your child visited using his/her Android phone. We've also added the ability for parents to safely and securely disable the "child mode" and swap to "parent mode". 
    • For Norton Safety Minder users, the update should be automatic but you can download here. During the install process, be sure to select "child" when asked who is using the device. This will enable "child mode".   
    • For Norton Online Family for Android users, download and install Norton Family for Android from here and go through the setup process. If you're installing on your phone, you can select "parent" to enable "parent" mode. After you're done with the setup, go ahead and uninstall Norton Online Family for Android from your device.
As always, we value your feedback.  Should you have any feedback, questions or problems, feel free to post in Norton Family Forum.    Thanks Norton Family Team
Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Symantec Corporation