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This forum thread needs a solution.

"NEW" what avaliable

OMgoodness, took forever to get here, i tryed out norton a while bck, when i first purchased my computer(laptop) and i really liked it. at first" present day" i thought it was pricey..til i checked out the prices on others, i need to get a program, to help my pc stay clean of the "crap" out there, my pc, (out of nowhere) became so slow, i don't even want to use it, i would like to check an see if u hve some free trials (even a week free) or whatever so i can see if i really want norton, there is one other i am considering, i will prob call u on monday to see about a trial, first, i need to be educated on how/what/the whole nineyards on  norton. just scoping things out, thought i would send you a email just in case u want to check out what i had, when ihad it etc, from a while ago when i bought my pc 



Re: "NEW" what avaliable

i thought this was a private email to norton, i quess i was wrong, it would be nice...to at least once... go on a site a be able to find that choice asap, it really bothers me when i end up spending a hour or two, just looking for that way to email/contact the company!


Re: "NEW" what avaliable

Hi, kodeek This is an example of available products, which you can use to decide what is best for you.


Also, a comparison of the products previously available.


Here is some trial info. 


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Re: "NEW" what avaliable

You can certainly get the kind of help you need here in these forums and get it from other users most of whom know the problems first-hand.

You sound as if you have two kinds of problem:

  1. Cleaning up junk and possible invasions of your computer as a result of over-indulgence in trying things out and visiting websites plus maybe working without adequate anti-malware protection 
  2. Protection from attacks by the malware that floats around the internet.

Are you comfortable working on your computer or would you be better getting someone with experience to do this for you?

As for trying out a Norton product, yes you can download a copy to try it free for a week or two (I'm not sure off the top of my head exactly how long it is these days) and if you like it up can pay for it on line with Norton or buy a copy in a store or online from a reputable source and we can tell you the simplest way to activate the copy you have installed as a trial.

But you need to do something about the cleaning up first and tell us what security program you have had installed and if you removed it how you did this since if you ever had a non-Norton security program installed you need a specific tool to clean up after it and we can point you to that but it comes from the program source of that program so we need to know what it was.

There is one clean up operation you can do within Windows itself without getting any additional program but we need to know what version of Windows you have installed -- Windows 7, 8 or 10 or one of the earlier ones like XP or VISTA.


Re: "NEW" what avaliable

I dont understand your post at all but for me noroton are ligther and more secure product i bougth 3 years licence for 1 device in 20 usd if you like you can search in Google Windows 7 providors and here are a special link whith norton very cheap the trials include support norton is a very human company give a try

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