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This forum thread needs a solution.

NF and Chrome browser

I have reinstalled NF and also NF chrome extension, after not using it for some time.

When I start Chrome, I don't see coNatHstNF.exe running. Is that right?

In the past, when I started Chrome, I would see an additional NF process running. But I don't see that anymore.

Just checking if everything is working properly with NF and Chrome.



Re: NF and Chrome browser


Could you please check whether your Norton Family extension is enabled in Chrome.  When you Re-Install NF it will automatically add NF chrome extension (you don't have to install this separately), you have to Add/Enable the NF extension when prompted.
coNatHstNF.exe is required and it should be running in the background.  If it is not running, please check that the file exists in Norton Family installed folder.  If it doesn't exists, please re-install Norton Family.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Family\Engine\<NF_Version>\

To ensure everything is working, try visiting an HTTPS blocked site in your chrome and verify whether it gets blocked.


Re: NF and Chrome browser

Well, I do have that file on my system.

So I added facebook to the block list, and you know what, the block works.

Even though I don't see that process running, when I look in Windows task manager. 

Can't figure it out.


Re: NF and Chrome browser

Okay, I figured it out.

With Windows 10 fall creators update, the task manager has a new behavior: it groups all Chrome processes under one tab. You have to expand the Chrome tab, and then you see cmd.exe and the Norton process running.

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