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NIS 2009 gets stuck scanning "Norton Community Watch" until reboot

I've noticed an infrequent problem where NIS 2009's CPU window will show "Norton Community Watch" as orange, but it's not actually scanning.  It gets stuck like this and won't scan until the computer is rebooted.  This is under XP SP3.

I just saw it again today, but this time the little popup that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen stating that background Norton tasks are running was permanently displayed there (normally it goes away when windows is no longer idle).  I tried to close it using the "X" button, but it came back.  I closed it a 2nd time and this this time it stayed closed, but the main NIS 2009 window opened.  You can see this because I managed to get a screen shot of it, which I shouldn't have been able to do.