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This forum thread needs a solution.

NIS 2009, trust, subnet

Sorry if this has been asked, but I can't find anything quite like this, and I'm under time pressure.

I just installed NIS 2009 today (upgraded from NIS 2008) on a Windox XP Pro desktop.

With NIS 2008, (eight) I could trust PCs from different subnets. It's not completely working on NIS 2009. The newly installed NIS 2009 (nine) responds to ping from trusted IP addresses outside it's local subnet, but I cannot access shared folders from that nominally trusted PC.

NO VPN software is running on either PC; it's via VPN routers between locations that do the authentication. Versions previous to this new NIS 2009 were successfullly used to control which local and remote PCs can access shared folders on the desktop in the main office. I have doublechecked IP addresses. MAC addresses, nor the domain name of the remote router that enables the VPN will not work either.

More irony, when in the office on the same subnet, other PCs could access the shared folders if they PCs were merely noted as "shared" on the local network. OTOH, to get the PC with NIS2009 to respond to ping, the PC in the same subnet had to be trusted.

Do I have to go BACK to NIS 2008? I appreciate the lower overhead of 2009 and would prefer not to.

All I want is NIS 2009 to treat trusted IP addresses equally, regardless of their subnet.

If I need to supply more details, please ask.
Any help GREATLY appreciated.


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Re: NIS 2009, trust, subnet

Never mind.

Somehow the Windows firewall was left on between de-installing NIS 2008 and installing NIS 2009. 

It works now.

thanks anyway.


Re: NIS 2009, trust, subnet

Hi ag_ghost,

Thanks for posting the resolution to your problem. It may help someone else in the future!

"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

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