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NIS 2010 and router problem

 Before I helped a friend, maybe not for much longer, install NIS 2010 on his Laptop running Window 7, his PC would connect to the internet using a wire from his Laptop through the router to his ISP Modem to the internet.  He could also use the wireless connection from his PC again through his router, to his ISP Modem to get on the internet.  The NIS 2010 install went smoothly, no error messages or system problems noted, and after all the updates were downloaded and settings checked, he can no longer connect through his wireless connection?  Could this have something to do with the Trust Level Setting? 



Re: NIS 2010 and router problem

  Oops, needed to go back to basics..  There was no problem with NIS...  All we had to do was to turn on the PC's wireless transmitter and now both wired and wireless connections work.   

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