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NIS 2010 has built in defrag?

I'm looking through the help files for NIS 2010 and it appears the "optimization" task is actually a defragmentation program. 

I use PerfectDisk 2010 so I don't need (or want) Norton also trying to defragment my disk.  Even though the help "?" next to the "idle optimzation" leads to a blank help page, I'm assuming if I disable "idle optimization" it will disable NIS 2010's defragmentation.  Is this correct?

Is that all "optimization" does?


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Re: NIS 2010 has built in defrag?

Okay I see that NIS 2010, simply calls the builid in defrag.exe utility in Windows.

I still don't think this should be enabled by default though.  If I hadn't disabled it PerfectDisk and Defrag would alternately run since PerfectDisk positions data slightly differently than Defrag does.  Overall this is pretty poor communication from Symantec since defragmenting isn't even listed as one of the features of NIS 2010.  If I hadn't gone looking into the settings I would never have know it was there.

Also Vista and Windows 7 already run their defragmentation tool periodically.  I'm not sure what the point of having NIS 2010 run it as well.

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