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NIS 2010/2011 but get unprotected message

I purchased  NIS 2010 in February 2011 - but I have since got the 2011 upgrade to get FireFox 4.0.

Before I got the NIS 2011 upgrade, when I booted up the laptop I had a windows security message to advise I may not be protected. When I went into my NIS 2010 it said I maynot be protected and to run a live update.

Once I ran the update I got the full protection back and then I continued to get the 2011 upgrade for Firefox 4.0

But this is the second time I have had this warning since I purchased NIS 2010

It appears about every 3 weeks - is this something I should get despite having protection for the full year and it appears to run updates everytime I boot up the laptop ?

Is this a common message that the windows security center and NIS is not updating properly when I start the laptop ?

It shows me in my NIS home page when the last live run was done and it always shows I am protected except when I get this warning.

I have now got NIS2011 so will I get this again ?

Thanks, any advice is appreciated.



Re: NIS 2010/2011 but get unprotected message

Hi Angie2601,

It's normal behaviour if you have not booted up the laptop for about 5-6 days. Norton will them warn you that your Antivirus definitions are outdated and tell you to run Liveupdate to deal with that. After that it will also run a quick scan, to verify your system is ok with the new definitions. Just do it and it will be ok.

Norton will not run Liveupdate directly, as the system is still starting, but normally after say 5-10 minutes after startup.

Norton 2011 will show the same behaviour.

If you get other messages, plse post the exact wording here.



W10 1809 and 1903 / W10 Insider / IE11 and FF 67, TB 60.7, NS 22.17, (Android 7 with NMS)

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