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NIS 2011: The Cyber Crime Map & what it means for Chinese customers?

So, I am watching the cute little Cyber Crime Map.  Yes, it does look like some video game where I should be able to launch a strike on Iran's enrichment facility ...

Well, here is the point.  If you watch it, you'll see that most of the protection activity is taking place in North America and Western Europe.  China and Russia look pretty dark.  I take this to mean that in these areas, there is not much of a customer base for NIS.  Of course, we know that Russia and China are hot beds of hacking activity.  Just this week PC World reported that 83% of Chinese surveyed said that they have been victims of cyber crime.

See:  http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/204999/symantec_most_hacking_victims_blame_themselves.html

Given that my wife is Chinese and spends lots of time visiting Chinese Web sites for multi-media content, I wonder with the lack of Chinese security market penetration can NIS do a decent job of protecting Chinese customers from indigenous threats that are specifically targetted at other Chinese?

For example, China's QQ from Tencent has the largest user base in the World, but it is not one of the IM clients secured by NIS.

Another ... Baidu is one of the largest Chinese language search engines and Google's future in China is still uncertain at this point.  There is no built-in support for site safety for Baidu searches.

So, are you at risk running NIS and visiting much of the non-English/non-Western European Web that is outside of Symantec's market?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?




Re: NIS 2011: The Cyber Crime Map & what it means for Chinese customers?

HI Mark_Kratzer,

I don't pretend to have actual numbers but I think there are a lot more Chinese users than you might think.

But as far as security it really does not matter how much or how little market penetration there is in a given country. It does not make NIS any more or less effective against malware whether the website is in China or anywhere else.

NIS relies on many different approaches to protect your computer. There is the typical virus signatures, SONAR, Insight and others.

The following Protection Blog gives a little more insight into NIS 2011.


Hope this helps.

Best wishes.


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