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NIS 2013: Five Layers of Protection

Norton Internet Security 2013 is described by Symantec as having “5 patented layers of protection [to] detect and eliminate threats more quickly and accurately than other technologies” (http://us.norton.com/internet-security/).


(1) What are the “five layers”?  I have seen references to only three:  threat-removal layer, network defense layer, and Internet detection layer.


(2) Has any detailed information been published by Symantec about the “five layers” (or about any of the new enhancements to NIS 2013)?  For prior versions of NIS, Symantec has posted informative articles on the Norton Protection Blog, but none appear to be available for NIS 2013.


Thank you.



Re: NIS 2013: Five Layers of Protection

Well the fact that it has a Firewall is another layer of protection......so that's 4 now :-)

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