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NIS 2017- How to stop auto file cleanup...?

I would like to stop auto File Cleanup, and All other auto Maintenance... tasks!? My first 30 day report says it's run 90 times, and I can't figure out how to disable it?

I use CCleaner for file maintenance, and defrag with Defraggler- This is my backup laptop, and my other main computer doesn't like all the  laptop changes (still has buggy ESS AV) .

Win7 Pro 32-bit, Norton Security Standard (No Backup). On-demand AV's- Old version MBAM/Rootkit.


Accepted Solution

Re: NIS 2017- How to stop auto file cleanup...?

Settings > Task Scheduling, uncheck what you don't want running.

You might also look in Administrative Settings and scroll down to find Firefox Temporary File Cleanup and Firefox History, disable what you don't want and click Apply.


Settings > Task Scheduling > uncheck Disk Optimisation.

Settings > Administrative Settings > Idle Time Optimiser > Off > Apply.

Windows 10 x64 1903

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