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NIS 5 Mac - Blocks Webbrowser + Email


poor news

open safari - firefox no connect to web.

disable all function of norton.

no contact to web.

support can not help - dito no contact to support.

why makes norton this.

this is an bug report



Re: NIS 5 Mac - Blocks Webbrowser + Email

First try disabling Norton Firewall's Connection Blocking feature. Open the Norton Firewall application, and click in the Firewall tab. Please try disabling that feature to see if that corrects your problem.

If that works, we'll try to get more information to see why that feature is causing problems.

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: NIS 5 Mac - Blocks Webbrowser + Email

Hi ryan,

what have i done.

- disable your details

there is no contact to the web

i test it steb bye step with cancel all apps - no contact

- next bug

the sleeping mode dont start - 10 min away - sleep dont start.

Mac all the time on high working

now i uninstall norton and will wait a half jear ...

maybe version .1 works better.

i can use in that time dns protection

- an contact to my fritz.box is not possible

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