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NIS antispam not working in Outlook 2013

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 using the "Reset the PC" feature. I was able to successfully reinstall my Outlook 2013 and Norton Internet Security. The Norton tab appears in Outlook and I can flag emails as being spam. There is a Norton antispam folder installed. However it is apparent that nothing is being flagged as spam and nothing is being moved to the spam folder. I've tried the procedure outlined here


where you disable antispam, reboot, and reenable. That doesn't seem to work. I clicked on the register the plug-in link in Norton. No help. At one point I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Norton Internet security. No joy.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: NIS antispam not working in Outlook 2013


I have been letting Outlook 2013 catch the spam for years now and also my ISP's Spam Detector. I just check the folders to make sure none of my needed emails get in there by mistake. I empty the Junk and Spam folders every day.

If you want to use the Norton Antispam, then someone else will need to help you. Btw, what version of NIS are you running?


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Re: NIS antispam not working in Outlook 2013

The program was working fine for me for years. It was only when I need to reinstall everything that it went working. I'm not sure what version of Norton Internet Security I have made it is currently up-to-date.

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