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NIS Auto-Protect error message

Hi, When I use either LiveUpdate or the Updater file 20111121-003-x86.exe, the update completes OK, but when I reboot the PC the AutoProtect is turned off. When I try to turn AutoProtect on I get the error message 'Norton AntiVirus has encountered an internal program error'. I am using NIS 2005 on Windows XP pro SP3. I know this is an old Norton product, however the Norton Update page still shows 2005 as a compatible program for the 20111121-003-x86.exe file and should therefore work without error. Any help would be much appreciated.



Re: NIS Auto-Protect error message

Hi Engima,

Yeah,for sure the .exe is compatible with NIS 2005. But there are chances where few updates were unable to be loaded into the product and that would have made the product show this error. This should be only temporary error, you should be able to solve this problem by uninstalling & reinstalling the product.  More than solving this current issue, am very much eager to know the reason for you to not being updated to latest version of the product. Its always recommended to keep your product with the latest updates. We have made many changes with our latest products, many new features being added, solved many performance related issues and much more. You would be really excited with the new UI changes and the peformance of the product. Moreover, few updates like support for Firefox versions and other browser versions will be provided mainly for the latest products.

Its always user preference in these cases, but the recommended point from our side is to keep the product updated.

Incase if you are interested in trying the latest product, just right click on the product tray icon and select check for updates. That would bring in the new product update.

Let us know if you need any help further.



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