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NIS locks files during applications

NIS locks files many times during running applications.  For example, a temp file might be created which is to be moved to a new named file -- and the file cannot be moved.  Or, a file might have to be created during a standard compliation and permission is denied (a problem I just had with ccrypt.sourceforge.net whrn trying to complie under Cygwin on my Thinkpad running XP Pro SP3).  If I disable Auto-Protect I have no problems.  Is there any setting less severe to stop this kind of interference?





Re: NIS locks files during applications

Lester -

Not in this version.  I program also and have this problem but this is just something to live with.  The only work around to this leaves you too wide open (excluding the Temp file Directory from AutoProtect scanning) but even that is not perfect as files are scanned as soon as they leave the Temp directory.

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