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NIS no longer renewable?

I will need to renew my subscription in several weeks.

that said, it seemed that the only choice that appeared after I clicked on renew button are Norton security deluxe and premium

Is that means that NIS is no longer renewable and I need to switch to Security deluxe or premium?

If that's the case, anything important that I need to know about the change?

it is my understanding that I simply need to install Security Deluxe/Premium and it will automatically remove my NIS, and based on the info I found both Deluxe and Premium seemed to be superior to NIS in term of features, that said I've been using NIS for years and changing it makes me feel uneasy.

Is there any major change that I need to know between NIS and Deluxe?

is there any change in the way it scan my files or protect my computer? whether its online or offline

since I just finish fixing up some problem with NIS scan I would like to know as much as possible to prevent future problems

thank you


Accepted Solution

Re: NIS no longer renewable?

Hi, Dainsleaf. I would suggest upgrading to Norton Security. It has superior detection abilities, and I would suggest you have a read of this blog which explains some of the new features.


Here's some info from the US site which compares products.  https://us.norton.com/norton-security-antivirus

You can purchase the DeLuxe version, and then contact Support who will usually add any remaining days from your old subscription.


Norton Security is very similar to NIS, in regards to operation. Hope that helps !

Windows 10 Home X 64 Norton Security Premium Current

Re: NIS no longer renewable?

well seeing I have no other choice I guess I will have to switch to Norton security...

just hoping nothing happened due to me changing the program..

thanks for the suggestion

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