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NIS Not Picking Up Window Styles

This is for NIS version

There seems to be something wrong with the current version of NIS, on my computer. It is not picking up the window style settings from Microsoft Windows, like a normal program.

The X/Close button is just an X. It is missing the edges of the button. The minimize and maximize buttons are missing their edges, too. The title bar is also not picking up it's window style, which makes it difficult to tell where the title bar is for dragging it. And the window edges are just a thin line instead of normal window edges. On some dialogs, the thin line is very light grey, which makes it difficult to distinguish the dialog from things that are behind it.

I realize these oddities are cosmetic, but when people need to trust NIS, these kinds of minor errors in programming weaken people's trust in your company's ability to get things right. Fixing these would also make it a little easier to use your program, and it would make NIS look more professional.

It should be fairly easy to make your program pick up the windows style settings from Windows, so I suggest you consider fixing these oddities.

Thank you, and keep up the great work!



Re: NIS Not Picking Up Window Styles

There are many users that have expressed a dislike for the new user interface design. It does seem to look washed out and blends in with the background. I do not see how having a little box around the close (X) and minimize reduces any ease of use or trust in a product. I have seen other software that does not have this visual item.

This interface was initially released on the new Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup products. With the latest updates to NAV/NIS/360, the interface was also updated to the new look.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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