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NIS renewal

I have been and I am currently using NIS. Will Symantec continue this product as long as I have a valid license key to renew it?

I would like to stay with NIS and can get some good deals on NIS on the internet.

thank you

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Re: NIS renewal

Hello bulajap

NIS is only available for renewals in the Norton eStore.. It is part of the old line of products. You can renew it, but you would probably be better off getting a good deal for Norton Security which is available as Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The new line can be used on pC's, Laptops, tablets,iOS cell phones, and Android cell phones. Since you are using NIS, the Deluxe is probably a better fit for you.. It is good for 5 devices depending on your location.

NIS will end up costing you more if you buy from Norton.


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