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NIS09 exclusion logic - mapped drives

I have drives mapped for universal filespec interpretation in local shares.

Example:  PC-X contains bumf.doc at c:\\docs\bumf.doc.

I map a drive "X" to all PCs, thus:  X= \\PC-X\docs, even on PC-X.

From all PCs an embedded filespec X:\\bumf.doc retrieves the target (useful in OneNote e.g.)

From PC-X only, c:\\docs\bumf.doc also retrieves the target.

NIS09 "full scan" really means FULL.  So managing exlusions is necessary to stop the thing meandering all over my (mapped) hamachi network etc.

If I exclude drive "X", will NIS09 override the native filespec on PC-X, mistakenly failing to scan c:\\docs?

[Suggestion:  it would be useful to be able to exclude entire drives notwithstanding momentary disconnection - no way to do it when mapped drives are offline at present]