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NIS09 is improving its ability to detect and eliminate!

Hi all.

Today, during a routine analysis on demand, NIS09 found and completely removed a file that has been identified as "TrojanFakeavalert". In reality, the virus did not represent a danger because I had turned the .exe in a harmless text document (the text document with the threat source code are called "Código de virus.rtf") However, NIS´09 considered the content of the document and acknowledged the parameters defining the threat and proceeded to remove it completely.

All you know that I always speak clearly, and requested an improvement of detection and protection. Well, equally clearly I must say that Symantec is on track! Things are improving and if they are kept in this direction, in the near future we can talk about NIS suite as the best security suite on the market. Just have to stay in this line of progress!


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Re: NIS09 is improving its ability to detect and eliminate!

IMO, Norton is already the best security suit one the market!! haha

I always see people flaming Norton on other forums and most of the time they are always talking about the past! I have been disappointed in the past as well (especially in 2006, that seemed like a bad year for symantec, but I still stuck with Norton, I'm a loyal customer ) but now Norton has disappointed all those who have sworn Norton from their lives!Those people should try Norton know and I can safely say they would be utterly surprised with what they are experiencing.

Ahhh! I had to get that out, LOL. 

On an end note, I completely agree with you Serekantum symantec is on the right track!

To all Symantec staff, Keep up the good work!



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