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NIS10: My answer to excessive scan times

In another thread I had commented an excessively long full system scan times.

Well, I played around with various things in my system configuration.

Although, it was suggested that I turn off scanning compressed files, I did not, since this would have artificially unbalanced the results relative to what I was getting on other machines.  Mainly, I was looking for external factors such as other processes loaded and running on this particular machine.

Finally, I happened upon something that seemed to have a dramatic impact.

First:  System environment is an Intel Quad Core (QX6700) OC'd to 3.2GHz running XP Pro SP3 (32bit).

My initial poor results was yielding a full scan of around 6+ hours reporting about 600,000+ files.

Originally, I let the number of threads take the default result of AUTO.  I tried some different values and ultimately arrived at just setting it to 2.

The final results, full scan of about 50 minutes reporting 400,000+ files.  I realize the drop in the number of files is related to repeated scans.

However, there is still one more interesting factor.  The detailed results only reports about 37,000 files bypassed when I would have expected more like 200,000 files bypassed.   Hmm ...

Well, as long as full system scans maintain that level of performance, I will be happy.  This more or less reflects the level of performance I had come to expect when using NAV08.

I suspect that the automatic generation of threads was off and perhaps was resulting in NIS10 thrashing the disk against itself while it scanned.



Re: NIS10: My answer to excessive scan times

Very interesting. I have an old P4 2.8 GHZ single core processor. I wonder if setting the threads at 2 would help speed up the scan on my system.
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