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NMS installation issue


Hi Susan

I needed to reinstall my NMS on my Samsung Tab A (2017) on Android 7.1.1. I removed app cache and app data, uninstalled, restarted the tablet, then reinstalled the app.

The issue I am seeing, is that I can find no way to get NMS to recognize my subscription that expires in 2022. There used to be a link for I have a Subscription. I did not see that during the app setup. When I am asked to sign in, I seem to get signed into my Norton Account, but the days remaining still show 30 days remaining. My email address is shown on the screen when I tap the three bars at the top left of the app, which indicates that I am logged into my account. I have checked my account, and the correct expiry date is being shown. I tried clearing app data and signing in again, with the same result. I then reinstalled again with the same result.

Did I miss something, or does the app automatically switch over to my paid subscription after the 30 days???



Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.