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No 911 Functionality in Android app when device on time supervision lock

Earlier today I subscribed to Norton Family a large part due to the 'time supervision' function.. however, I noticed that there is no way to dial 911 when the device is on 'time supervision' lock-down.  You can access the six 'allowed contacts' but you can't access 911.  The dial app is blocked so you can't dial it directly.  Even when I tried to add 911 as one of my six 'allowed contacts' I found it won't allow a three digit number as an 'allowed contact', so no 911 there either.    

I would prefer not to lose one of my six assignable 'allowed contacts' so my suggestion would be to have 911 to default as an easy access dialing option for calling when the device is on lock-down.   I'm surprised there hasn't been already been a liability issue come up due to a person not being able to call 911 when the device is on 'time supervision' lock-down.    

I reported this problem along with my suggestions to tech support chat as part of case number 27810960 earlier today.

If you like my idea I would be willing to accept a lifetime membership to Norton Family Premier...  if you deem my idea worthy of a reward.  :)     It could potentially save Norton a lot of money in a lawsuit!





Re: No 911 Functionality in Android app when device on time supervision lock

Hi PerryR,

Our engineering team has identified the issue and will correct this is a upcoming release.

In the meantime, please try the following steps when making emergency call is needed.  Please let us know if you are able to make call from this screen and solve the issue for you.

Emergency numbers like 911 can be made from Android Pin/Pattern Lock screen. The child should be able to use dial the emergency from his/her Lock screen during time block period.  However he/she won’t be able to make other normal number.  For this to work, the android pin/pattern lock should be enabled in settings.

Below is the screen shot where emergency dialler is shown in Android Pin/Pattern Lock screen.

When “Emergency Call”  text is clicked, it brings emergency dialler. Below is the screenshot. 



Thanks Katie

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