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"No Active Partition" message in Partittion Magic

I'm having a problem using Partition Magic on my XP machine.

I'm trying to take a 1 GIG hard drive and partition it to an approx  400Gig C Drive and a 600Gig second drive letter.

The idea is that it'd be easier to back up my C drive with just the operating system and important programs using Ghost if it didn't contain all sorts of other data that I can just store in another drive letter.

Anyway, in Partition Magic, I:

1.  Resize C: to approx 400Gigs.

2. Allocate the unallocated "F" drive space (The remainder of the former c:)

3. Go to APPLY these changes, and

I get  the warning that there is NO ACTIVE PARTITION, do I want to continue?????

I'm concerned about making my drive unbootable (And I have no floppy drive on this machine, so I can't use PM's TOOLS  to make a bootable rescue disc (I'm using Partition Magic 8.05).

I'd appreciate any help you can give.





Re: "No Active Partition" message in Partittion Magic


Unfortunately your HD is too big for PM. I can't recall the exact figure but PM doesn't support HDs larger than 300 GB.


Re: "No Active Partition" message in Partittion Magic

Wow, strange that the program won't do that...but thanks for your quick response...I did the job with another company's program last night with no problems.

Thanks again,

Flash; Durham, NC (usa)

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