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This forum thread needs a solution.

No Activity - Again

Hi - 

Someone else had posted they were showing no activity and since that was my problem I commented there that I was having the same problem.  Moderator responded to person who first posted the question.   I thought maybe I needed to post a new one.

This is a reqular problem for me and it sounds like others.   Every few months, Norton Family stops showing activity.  The last time for me was in June.    This time it showed Search Activity until Oct 8th and nothing since.   I dont't think it is even doing the Time shut off.  

I have 2 children on this and both are now working.

Since this is a regular problem, I wish we could post in the saved messages, what to do when it stops working.   Previously I called Norton and they would go into my computer, Delete and reinstall Norton Family.   That gets to be a real hassel.   Last time in June, I posted here that it was not working and within a day or so it started working.  

So please let's get this figured out.

Thanks, Marilyn Jacobs



Re: No Activity - Again

Hi Marilyn,

Ideally Norton Family should not stop working.  But if you see activities not being reported, please check the below.

  • Child windows account is associated with the child profile in Norton Family account.
  • Click Norton Family tray icon -> Click "View My House Rules".  Verify the House rules.
  • Norton Family extensions are enabled for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

After trying these steps, if you still face problem, please update this thread.  We will troubleshoot the issue.



Re: No Activity - Again

It has stopped working for us every few months.     For awhile I thought it happened whenever there was an update to Norton but last time and perhaps the time before that there was no update.  

It is still not working at all now.    It seems like it goes off gradually with activity stopping first, then search actiity but not none of it is working.

Should I call?   As I mentioned, in past when I called over the phone they deleted Norton and reinstalled.   That takes so much time but maybe that is what I need to do next.   I really need to get this working again.


Marilyn Jacobs