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No Activity for the last...days

For the first few days, Online Family worked normally. Then I noticed after some days (I don't feel my son needs daily supervision) it showed 'No activity on the last seven days.' I contacted the Norton representative. He / she reinstalled in on my son's computer. I noticed that again. 'No activity...' was showing.
Today, a representative took an hour, spending most of the time on my (the parent's) computer. Then he / she said 'It should work now. I logged off and on again, and again it shows 'No activity for today.' I had put the address of a couple of porn sites in the 'Specific web sites to block' in 'Settings.' Then I found I could easily access them from my son's computer.

I'm not getting much help from the representatives so I thought I'd post here and see if you good people could give me any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.



Re: No Activity for the last...days

It seems to be working OK now. Please disregard the above. Thanks to anyone for taking the time to look.


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