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No activity reported on children's devices

I installed Norton Family on my PC, my two sons' PC's, and their both of their iPad Airs.  They are 10 and 11 and now usually use the iPad to watch Youtube videos, etc.  I installed the Norton Apps on both of their iPads.  When I get my weekly report of internet and Youtube activity, etc, it says there is "No activity" - which is funny because on the weekends they spend about 5 hours per day watching TV and playing games.  I thought it would monitor which Youtube videos, etc that they watch.  Why is this not working? 



Re: No activity reported on children's devices

Hi Jennifer,

For the issue watching Youtube videos on iPad, can you please check if these children use Norton Family in-built Norton browser to view the YouTube videos? We currently don’t support the YouTube app.

Please check the link below Norton Family iOS session for details.




Thanks Katie

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