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No activity reported on my son's iPhone 6

We just purchased Norton Family Premier a week ago and installed in on our desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium, and installed it on my son's iphone 6.  When I log in to check on my son his phone shows up as added, but the activity summary says there has been no activity of any kind on his phone for the past 7 days.  Any idea what the problem is?  Thanks.



Re: No activity reported on my son's iPhone 6

Hi edwardsg00,

Please make sure the child is using our Norton browser when browsing.  Norton Family monitors and reports web/search and video activities only from Norton Family browser.  Please check the link below Norton Family iOS session for details.


If the child is using Norton Family browser, can you please send me your Norton Family account email address by private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner?



Thanks Katie

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