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No Anti-Virus Protection


1) Norton 360 loaded and works okay on Mac-1 (new Mini w/ Fusion and OS 10.8.3)


2) Norton 360 loaded okay on Mac-2 (4-yr old Mini w/ OS 10.8.3), but cannot enable Virus Protection.  Scan engine problem even after running Update.

3) If I uninstall and reinstall Norton 360 on this machine, does it count as another installation (with 5-device Norton 360)?

4) With 5-device Norton 360, does loading 360 both as Mac and as PC (in Bootcamp) on SAME MACHINE count as one installation or two?





Re: No Anti-Virus Protection

2) Please try uninstalling using the tool from here and then install again. Do report back if you are facing the same issue again.

3) No.

4) Yes.

SunilkumarSoftware Engineer, Mac ProductsSymantec Corporation

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