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No Disc in folder for Norton Security Backup w Bonus Utilities

I purchased Norton Security w Backup and Bonus Utilities. I wanted the disc for the Backup which is why I purchased it retail instead of downloading it.  After I opened the package it at home I discovered there is only a disc for the Utilities and not the Security. I had to download the Security and did not get the disc I wanted.  I would like to have a disc.  How do I get it......Thanks



Re: No Disc in folder for Norton Security Backup w Bonus Utilities

Hello maryle

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NS and NSwB do not come with discs. You have to download the program to get it. If you want a disc, you will have to burn the program to a disc. Thanks.

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Re: No Disc in folder for Norton Security Backup w Bonus Utilities

..... only a disc for the Utilities

That's interesting. Could you say what's on that disk? Was this a special edition of Norton Security with Backup like there used to be sometimes with a Norton 360 Gold Edition?

Are you in the USA? The Norton 360 Gold Edition seemed to be more common in the UK and from certain retailers.

Two reasons why there is no disk

-- the disks never get updated so if you buy when the product has been around say for 6 months it needs a lot of updating and may not even install if the Windows has changed eg from 7 to 8.

-- many products like small screen laptops and tablets don't come with disk drives to read the disk. Back when Netbooks first came out Norton did a version for them that came on a thumbdrive but those cost a lot more to make than a disk does and it was dropped for the online method.

You can always download and burn the installer to a disk if you need to. One more thing is that the newer versions need the internet connection to install fully.


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