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No firewall?

OK, I'm trying to get filezilla to work, again.  It acts like something is blocking it.  I've put the exception in the windows defender file & double checked that.  I go to Norton (I keep seeing go to "My Norton", what is that?  Never seen it) and one of the topics says turn norton on??  It is always on??   is there something else to turn on??   Here is the big problem, I'm told to go to "Settings" and click on "FIREWALL" but there is no fire-wall.   None...  Isn't there supposed to be one??  Norton support sent me to the Morons at my ISP help and they simply said I evidently don't have a firewall yet they are the ones providing me with Norton...   Sorry, I'm no expert here, does anybody have an explanation?   I thought I was going to "Firewall" to turn it off temporarily to see if that is the problem.  I thought there would be someplace to put in firezilla in the exception file or something...   like Windows defender.. 



Re: No firewall?

Hello roxyann. What is the Norton product you have installed and its version? You can find the version by clicking the Norton icon in your system tray, go to the top right and click "Help". In the next window that appears under General Information click "About".


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