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No idsafe vault on my other devices

Installed Idsafe app on my Android phone(sent mail to idsafetesting with android data) ,logged in to mynorton account and only option I have is to create new Vault (dosent see my Vault) but I already have Vault tied to this account. I have this same issue with my win10 laptop. Currently idsafe and access to Vault only works ( option to enter my vault pass) for me on my win10 Desktop PC were I have installed NIS if this means something??. So little help....

Thank you


Accepted Solution

Re: No idsafe vault on my other devices

It looks like I have had local vault and you need Cloud vault ( so i back up my local vault logins from my PC win10 then created new Vault on my win10 laptop and imported logins from PC and now it works on all my devices (Android app too) !

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