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No longer monitoring web use in Firefox (windows 10)

We've recently discovered a problem where NF is not monitoring web use, or blocking relevant sites, in Firefox. Time restrictions are working, and web monitoring works fine in other browsers (I tried Chrome), but not in Firefox. I have enabled the Firefox browser extension but NF isn't even registering all website visits. So my child can access sites in the restricted categories, and NF neither blocks them, nor notifies me that they've done so. If I look at the child's activity in my parent account, it doesn't even show the visit to the supposedly blocked site. I've uninstalled and reinstalled NF and that has not made a difference either.

This is a recent problem, I can't be certain exactly but I'd say in the last week or so.

Advice please?



Re: No longer monitoring web use in Firefox (windows 10)

Hi MrsVJ

We have tested this in-house with latest Firefox version and it is working fine. Could you please check whether you have the latest Firefox version (64.0) and NF Version (3.7.1 or later).  If you have all latest versions and if it still fails, we can take a look at it remotely to further analyze the problem.  We have sent you a private message for the remote session.

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