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No Norton product was found...

We're sorry, but we were unable to find a Norton product on your computer.


Norton Security Suite is running Ver. on my machine right now.

But when I go to Norton "Update Center" Through the Norton Support Site, through the Norton interface on my PC and...

I Click the "Update Me Now" button, I get a ie window containing;

The Norton Update Center is now downloading a small, secure program called "AutoDetectPkg.exe". This program checks for installed Norton products and automatically guides you to the correct product download page with further instructions.

I run the package and it "returns" what I listed in the title and first line of this message.

I understand, through the Norton "update" interface, it should be updating the version automatically when there is a new release. But I am trying to "verify the latest version" of Security Suite available, and Norton doesn't even recoginze that the software is running on my machine.

Doing further research I see this link;

"Product update - 22.0.2 for Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup". Symantec. Retrieved 17 March 2015.

1) Has anyone else run into the results I obtained?

2) I am receiving this (Norton Security Suite) through my Comcast Account, I don't believe this should make any difference, should it?

3) How is the customer notified is a new version is installed? And otherwise, without spending two hours plus to verify the "Latest Version is installed".

I seem to remember going through this issue about a year or two back when the versions were not updating. Wonder if this is a recurring problem with either Comcast and/or Norton. I will be posting a copy of this message on both Comcast's and Norton's support sites to hopefully resolve this issue permanently.

Anyone that has had this problem recently, or who can provide insight, solutions, or answer any of the questions I pose here. Your input would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. It would be nice to have some sort of email or other "obvious notice" from either Comcast or Norton that a new version of the software was installed, so we know we have the latest version available.


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Re: No Norton product was found...

<< Note: The 21.7 update does not target the Comcast Norton Security Suite product. We’ll post an update if we have more information.>>
Anytime you want to know current version of Comcast NSS.  Just ask or subscribe to Product Update Announcements
Auto Detect is used for retail products.   Auto Detect is not for ISP branded product.
v21.6.0.32 is current for Comcast NSS ~ your product.
Product update - 22.0.2 does not apply to Comcast NSS.   v22 is for retail Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup.  

While the names are similar....Comcast NSS and retail Norton Security / BU products are licensed and offered to end users differently. 

Accepted Solution
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Re: No Norton product was found...

Hi bfrank06,

As I told you on the Comcast Forum I would refer your question on this site to the in-depth answer I provided on the Comcast Forums:



Re: No Norton product was found...

bjm_ & yank,

Thank you both for your timely response! The information you provide answers the perceived issues I was facing.

I had the feeling that the licensing and the way NSS was being provisioned at different levels  (Retail vs. ISP) was the issue, but it hadn't occurred to me that they would be using different versions due to contractual agreements through the parties. Bad assumption on my part.

If I understand correctly from both the Norton & Comcast forum's info I've received. The version I have is the latest Comcast provides, but a new version (that would be an auto update) through the Comcast should they license it from Norton in the future.

Thanks for your assistance!


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