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No norton tech support

Been dealing with norton support level 2 since 12/5/22. 12 days! Never get callbacks as promise by many agents. Some who are managers! Tired of trying to resolve the issue which I have a case # that has been escalated, what ever that means? Every time I call to find out what they found out about my issue, it all starts over at level 1 tech support & and then after an hour or more I get empty promises of a callback. I was promised on 12/16/22 7 pmcst a callback from a Manger! 12/17/22 at 9 am.cst. by a level 1 tech support manager! It is now 12pm cst 12//17/22. Not surprised. This is about the 5th empty promise, I've lost count. As far as the 24/7 support WHAT A JOKE! If anyone outthere has tech support issues good luck on the never ending merry go round, and what ever u do DONOT MISS IF ANY YOUR CALLBACK! I missed the ONLY ONE! I got due to being in the bathroom at the time! You would think they would at least try a second time before writing me off into limbo!This 24/48 hour callback policy if for the birds! I hope this post helps anyone out there. Prepar your self for frustration & calling allover the world for help, Florida, Guam, the Philippines & the #1 India! God bless & Merry Christmas!



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Is there anything we might be able to help you with here?

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