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NOBU Failing (W32s, A2222s, and even an A2028)

Bought NOBU over the weekend, and have not gotten it to work yet.  I've rebooted the machine, I try running with no other programs open, and I can't get it to work.  I've read some posts about the W32 error (which has been main error); are there systemic issues that are still being fixed?

Runs for an hour or two before failing.  Attempting a 1GB test (although I feel like the test has clearly failed).

Running Windows 7 Home on an i3-equipped laptop with 4GB of RAM.  Usually running on my own wireless network, but have connected Ethernet cable as well with same results.

Last ditch effort to see if there's an easy fix before refund.  Trying a competitor, and it has worked flawlessly (and fast) under same conditions.



Re: NOBU Failing (W32s, A2222s, and even an A2028)

I ashould also note that NOBO shows something like "160MB out of 25GB used", but there is nothing under "Restore Files"


Re: NOBU Failing (W32s, A2222s, and even an A2028)


Unfortunately you hit the one period of time when there was a technical issue ongoing and is likely the source of the errors you're seeing. You can see more info in this thread.

Have you reached out to support at https://www.norton.com/chat since the issues surfaced?

Are you still seeing them?

If you still wish to give this a shot let me know via private message and I'll see about getting your paid term offset for the recent issue too. I'll need your Norton Online Backup username/email address to do so though.

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