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NOBU uses up most of my RAM in modified memory


To be clear, I'm not asking for help, I'm just informing you of a problem with your product.

My new Samsung Series5 Ultra came with Norton Online Backup installed and set to run on startup (but not registered). After about a week of use of the laptop, I began to get repeated out-of-memory errors, program crashes and system crashes despite very modest memory usage. It turned out that an unidentified program was creating large amounts of "modified memory", or memory that needs to be written to disk before it can be reused. By trial and error, I have found that this was Norton Online Backup.

I'm delighted to say that I have now uninstalled NOBU, fixing the problem, and will be using the excellent soonr.com for my online storage and backup.

Also, the lag time between verifying your email and being able to post on these forums is way too long.


EDIT: P.S. My OS is Windows 8.