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NOF blocking a computer application

So I dont know why my other thread wont allow me to reply and I also havent gotten a response back either so I'm gonna attempt to re open a ticket here.

I have an application installed on my computer called Raptr, its a gaming service that tracks your hours and connects to various Game Social Sites: Steam, Playstation, XBox, etc.  This applicaiton not only tracks your hours of the games you play but also serves as a instant chat messenger and it allows you to cross platform chat.

Well obviously when I launch the application it connects to those various areas and for some odd reason when I have NOF enabled down near my clock, Raptr will not connect (to its server); Steam will connect but the Raptr application (chat messenger) will not connect to Raptr's website.

When I disable NOF, Raptr will connect within 5seconds.

And yes I even have raptr.com enabled in my 'allowed list'.

So what else can be the cause here?  is there some setting that I can enable to make NOF and Raptr work together?


PS.  Thread started August 8th, and I chimed back August 29th for a 'what news do you have'; and of course Oct 4th, I cannot reply to that thread

PPS. Heres the other thread  http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Online-Family/NOF-seems-to-block-an-application-on-PC/td-p/778594/highlight/false



Re: NOF blocking a computer application

Well.........as it turns out Raptr redesigned their Desktop Application completely; lots of new widgets background look/feel, etc etc.

Meanwhile about a day or 2 before Norton Online Family provided us with a new/improved Safety Minder, this was during the times you couldnt access the website at all, roughly 3 days worth

So...new Application for Norton + New Application for Raptr (odd I got two new at same time)= FIXED

Thats right; I do not have to disable NOF just to use Raptrs application

Now if NOF gets an update to their client and Raptr doesnt work again, well I will be back ROFL

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