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Is this normal - 7+ hour wait for Representative chat?

Aware I had signed up to auto renew I thought I would be notified of the new price and could make a decision before being charged. I was wrong - just been charged £84.99 with no prior notice. I can get the same on Amazon for £17. Trying to get a refund and there is a 7+ hour wait to talk to a human in on-line chat. WTF!!!! Hoping I will give it up and accept this rip-off I guess. Norton are meant to be a leader in their field - but they still sink with the dregs using the usual sharp practices when it comes to accessing customer service and operating dodgy auto renewal price rises - they should be ashamed!! Is the 7 hour wait normal or are Norton still hiding behind "pandemic problems?" Oh, the wait has just gone back up by an hour. This is appalling - going back to Kaspersky.



Re: Is this normal - 7+ hour wait for Representative chat?

Sorry for your experience:
Maybe, try:

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