Norton™ Utilities Ultimate Re-activate - Easy to fix it!

It is surprisingly easy to figure out how to reactivate Norton™ Utilities. I should do a better job with the presentation, but it is broken down into three steps.

Picture 1 - Step 1.

Go to My Subscription and scroll to the Norton™ Utilities Ultimate. And press "Download." After that, scroll to the Activation key and make a copy.

Picture 2- Step 2.

Go to the downloaded app and press the question icon "?" on the right corner.

Picture 1 Step 1

Step 3.

That's it. You got reactivated and working Norton™ Utilities Ultimate.



Re: Norton™ Utilities Ultimate Re-activate - Easy to fix it!

This solution is surprisingly simple and discussion here is only necessary because Norton has failed to tell the installing user where he/she needs to go to enter the new activation key; this should clearly be part of the normal installation process.  Having it tucked away in the Help pulldown options is less than helpful.

That said, one key bit of info missing from your excellent outline is that once the user clicks on the Help icon (?) in your step 2, they need to know to then select the "About Norton Utilities Ultimate" option.  Otherwise, they may, as I did, just figure the solution isn't working in their particular case.


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