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Norton 11.03 installed on Snow Leopard and virus defs

I recently installed Norton 11.03 on Snow Leopard and I was wondering if virus defs are updated automatically or do I have to configure a schedule for regular updates?  If this is automatic, how often does it check in with Symantec's server?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Norton 11.03 installed on Snow Leopard and virus defs

Our updates are posted at least once a day. If there is an outbreak, there might be multiple definition postings. 

How often the product checks is kind of up to your installation. When Norton AntiVirus originally shipped, it was scheduled to check weekly. However we have since changed the frequency, but depending on where you obtained your CD/disk image, it might still have the old frequency in it.

You can check and change the frequency by opening the Norton AntiVirus application and selecting "Automatic Protection". Then click on click Configure next to  Scheduled Protection. In the new window, find the LiveUpdate event. You can change its frequency and/or schedule to suit your needs.


Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

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