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norton IS 2009 / norton IS 2009 premier?

can some one please tell me what's the difference between norton IS 2009 and norton IS 2009 premium (other then the price)?

I noticed that the key technologies listed under the premier version are:

  • Norton™ Insight
  • Norton Disk Doctor™
  • Norton Speed Disk™
  • Norton™ CleanUp
  • Norton™ Startup Manager

    but I have no idea what they are for -
    1.well startup manager - is this something like msconfig?
    2. cleanup, is this something like ccleaner?
    3. speed disk - no idea
    4. disk doctor - no idea
    5. insight - no idea

    is it worth getting the premier version?
----------------------------------NIS 7 64bit



Re: norton IS 2009 / norton IS 2009 premier?

Hi cinek,


I think, you misunderstood Norton IS 2009 for Norton SystemWorks as all those features are the components of Norton SystemWorks(Standard Edition). There are 3 types of Norton SystemWorks 12.0- Basic/Standard/Premier editions. If you look for just Norton SystemWorks 12.0, it is Standard Edition by default. The Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition has all the same features of Standard Edition, and Norton Save & Restore 2.0 in addition.


Refer to the following link to get more information about the features included in Norton SystemWorks:



Also, if you click Compare Related Products in that Web page, it will show the difference between different editions.




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Re: norton IS 2009 / norton IS 2009 premier?



Norton IS 2009 premier refers to the bundled product of Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton SystemWorks 12.0 Basic edition.



Check this link for the features you have mentioned. If you need more info about them, please let me know.





Re: norton IS 2009 / norton IS 2009 premier?

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----------------------------------NIS 7 64bit

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