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Norton 2010 Green Web safety check marks question??

Hey there good people!!

When I click on my google search engine mine green safety check marks are gone . They always despear on me

When I click on one of the google links then go back they show. Am using IT explore 8 please help me !!

Thank you .



Re: Norton 2010 Green Web safety check marks question??

Occurance of the safety icons in google searches is inconsistant; they may appear on some search page results but not on others.  I find them occurring in google searches if I find a listing that I believe I can trust, left-click on it, and then after that website opens, click the browser Back-button thereby returning to the search page.  The safety icons then appear.  When going to the next search page, sometimes the icons are gone again.  Repeating the process, if I can find a trustable search listing, usually again makes the icons appear. 

You have two other alternatives:  Instead of using Google, either use the Norton search bar, or use a search engine such as Yahoo or Bing.  The safety icons never seem to fail to appear in searches I have made in those search engines.

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