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Norton 2015 Full scan stuck


I recently purchased and installed Norton Security for 2015 and have tried running both the quick and full scans. The quick scan ran fine in just a few minutes while the full scan became stuck. I then looked over all of the forums for a solution and tried using the norton power eraser in safe mode and I also tried defragmenting my hard disk drive. Unfortunately I have started the full system scan again and it is now stuck at 730,350 files scanned on c:\Windows.Old\Windows\Fonts\wingding.ttf  . Can someone help me get this fulls can to completely run through? I would greatly appreciate any help!




Re: Norton 2015 Full scan stuck


It looks like you are running Win 10 since you mentioned the Old Windows. Have you turned off scanning of compressed files? Many full system scans get stuck on that. Have you tried reinstalling your Norton product since you updated to Windows 10?


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