Not a big fan of the Norton update.

It's kind of like a cross between Fisher Price and Little Tikes.

The interface seems to be over color saturated and the fonts are far too bold. When I saw the changes to my spouses computer, I had to verify that Norton had not been replaced by an untoward hack, attempting to take over her computer.

I understand the desire to "update" the product, but with over 20 years of using Norton, I want my Anti Virus to be low impact, professional in look and feel and do what an Anti Virus is supposed to do, and that is keep me protected from online threats, nothing more. If I do want more, I am fine with having options available, but let me make that choice on my time. While Windows 11 has undergone some aesthetic changes from pervious versions, with round corners and "dark mode", it has a sense of refinement, not a complete discard of the old and complete change for change sake.

Recent updates are making it more difficult for me to "keep it simple" as I am presented with a continuous barrage of product sales pitches trying to get me to expand my Norton investment.

I know it's not likely to happen, but I would be pleased to see a more refined update and a harken back to the times when doing a "Quick Scan" before shutting down, was a simple one click away, not a wander through the maze of "Smart Scan" and other options that want to do more than I want my Anti Virus to do.



Re: Norton

Try the new version maybe that helps but ther are som bugs in the new version but they proberly fix them soon