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norton 360 app logout when restarting laptop

Hi there,

So everytime I restart my laptop i'm logged out of my norton 360 app.

Can this maybe be a bug? because had first norton from windows store and downloaded de 360 app afterwards.

Someone similar experience? should I perhaps deinstall and reinstall ? 




Re: norton 360 app logout when restarting laptop


Re: norton 360 app logout when restarting laptop

could be a few reasons difficult to know for sure by what you stated

first option which may tell you more or a reason or issue

run the auto fix tool

in classic mode click help top right, than on left click get support should have a window pop out and tell you its "checking" etc...

this is best to do if you have done a reinstall ,usually finds a installtion issue or something , will be prompted for restart i believe

can also try the diagnostic scan ( bottom of list where quick scan , full scan etc.. are)

maybe some issue with you device ( driver or update needed for example)

if both those show good  i could only suggest doing a reinstall

use the rnr tool , also go to your account and download the file for the program from there dont use the rnr option to reinstall

let that run , few restarts, updates, restart and run the auto fix mentioned above

than go thru the settings

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