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Norton 360 backup fails after one completion

[1] I run Norton 360 backups to a portable USB hard drive.  This ran succesfully for a long time, with no problems.

[2] Recently, after running a fresh backup to an empty disk drive, I saw the messages "Never Run / Last Backup: Not available / Backup Sets: 0".

[3] Checked the USB drive; saw N360_BACKUP, ARestore & ARestore.loc files. These occupy 257 GB out of 931GB, i.e.plenty space.

[4] Checked "Manage Backup Sets".  Found destination changed from the F: disk selected to Secure Online Storage, which I had not selected.

[5] Repeated running fresh backup to empty disk yesterday, with the same result.

[6] My diagnosis is that, after running successfully once to my F: hard disk, backup changes the destination to Secure Online Storage.  This then means that there is then no operational backup set, and N360 backup fails.

How do I stop this and get backup to use my selected destination?



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Re: Norton 360 backup fails after one completion

See Liveupdate Hotfix note in 3/16/17 reply to jaco1252 (same problem)

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Re: Norton 360 backup fails after one completion

Hi @Roderick Owens,

Welcome to the Norton Community! 

Could you please share your Norton 360 Version number and Operating System with Architecture? (32/64)

Your issue looks similar to @jaco1252 's issue.

We have released a HOTFIX to fix this backup set issue.,

Could you please run LiveUpdate until all the updates are installed and then try to re-configure your backup set now?

Please let me know if this resolves the issue.

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation
Accepted Solution

Re: Norton 360 backup fails after one completion

Ran LiveUpdate and everything is back to normal.  Tested recovery, as well.

Issue resolved.

Many thanks for the guidance.