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Norton 360 Backup Settings---Append instead of FULL Backup????

Can anyone assist me in the setup of the Backup feature in Norton 360 Version It appears every time a full hard drive backup runs, it copies all the files, all the time. It piles on the data each backup, instead of just appending the files that had changes. Is there any way of setting the program to append and not copy the hard drive completely each time it runs????

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Re: Norton 360 Backup Settings---Append instead of FULL Backup????

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Re: Norton 360 Backup Settings---Append instead of FULL Backup????

Hi Les G007.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Without starting up another machine to check, I am assuming that the version of N360 you quote is the latest and that you have done live updates until there are no more and rebooted your machine....

If that is true then N360 should not be backing up all the files each time you re-run a backup set, it should only be backing up any new or changed files that fit with the definition of that backup set.

One more thing you might try after checking that you are fully up to date, is to open help (top right corner) and click on Get Support.  See if that does anything.  If it finds nothing do not bother to go any further as it will probably only send you here....

While I wait for you to comment on the above, might I also ask:-

  • What convinces you that all the files are being backed up each time?
  • How many backup sets you have defined?
  • When are they run?  Is is automatic, schedule or manual?
  • Where are the backups stored?
  • How much spare space do you have in your backup location?
  • And finally how large does the "Preview" button say that your main/only backup set should be?

I look forward to hearing back from you.


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